Tuesday, 14 November 2017

3rd Episode Sewing Bee - Part 2

We are ready for a new challenge! 

The 3rd challenge for this episode was to transform 2-3 garments and make an evening dress for a 16-year old girl within 3 hours 30 minutes.

All the models are ready and waiting with our sewing-places.

My choices to transform were a lace dress and a kimono from my wardrobe, both bought in Japan. I feel the garments are a bit of my soul.. :)

I wanted to impresse the judges with a Japanese technics on the front part of the dress.
It's not an applicque as it says on the drawing. 
Normally you sew an applique on the garment and it's much easier, 
but I made a draped heart and sew it together with the front part.

I had to try the dress on my lovely model Malene to see how much I had to adjust.

I used the pink part of the kimono to make the draped heart. I also had to make some inserts at the shoulders and the side panels to make it fit better.

Malene is a Lovely model and the dress fits perfectly! ♥

Foto: Tore Zajariassen

Jenny said the dress was very sweet, and too sweet for a young girl,
but I disagree with her ....!

Foto: Tore Zajariassen
 Monica                                   Brage

    Yasser                                  Ingrid B.

 Bjørg                                  Ingrid L.

 Trudie                                        Tanja

Brage's dress was chosen to the best garment this week!

Then to the very SAD part;
Ingrid had to leave the competition.......!

We will miss you, Lovely Ingrid ♥

Next Episode Monday the 20th of November!

Monday, 13 November 2017

3rd Episode Sewing Bee - Part 1

We are ready for NEW ASSIGNMENTS!

One of the judge where missing,

 but the QUEEN of TRANSFORMATION; Jenny Skavlan entered the scene!

We were so excited what we were going to make..

Jenny had a lot of old embroidered tablecloths and curtains in her suitcase!

We had to sew a tunic/dress within 2 hours 45 minutes!

All the nice tablecloths I found, I lost to one of the another's,
and I lost 3 pcs which I liked very much!

Our host, Christine was very frustrated of my behalf.... 

I tried to use a table cloth with embroidery at first, but it was to little,
so I change my mind and combine a linen table cloth together with a shiny curtain.

At first I turned the rubber band at the top, so I had to turn it back,
but managed it at the last minute!

Yeah! We did it! :)

At first Jenny thought this combination has weird,
but she change her mind and I got a lot of nice compliments!

I was HAPPY to be chosen as no. 3!

Big smile from Bjørg which got the second placement! :)
Monica was so Happy to be number one!

Second challenge was to transform old men's garments for a young boy for 16-years within        1 hour and 45 minutes!

I was lucky to choose a red weather-jacket (which was the only garment with color....!)
I thought it would be nice to sew a shorts with big pockets.

Since I didn't have enough fabric I used a pyjamas jacket combined with the weather-jacket.

Within 1 hour 45 minutes all the different garment were finished. 

The judge were impressed with my outcome!

I got a lot of nice compliments, and I was Happy to be number 4!

Tanja got the 3rd placement, Trudie the 2nd,
and Ingrid was so Happy to receive the first placement!

We were so HAPPY for Ingrid, she deserved it! ♥